Ema-P2 Polymer

Ema-P2 Polymer (click description to view approximate values.)
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IRMS Certified Reference Material EMA P2 3gm 13C 28 ‰, 2H 88 ‰, 15N 2 ‰, 18O 26 ‰, C:68.4%, H:2.9%, N:7.5%, O:19.9% Approximate vaules shown - certified values vary from batch to batch
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Weight Type 3g
Total Mass 1g
Product Sub-Categories Standards
Oxygen (Permille) 26
Nitrogen (Permille) -2
Hydrogen (Permille) -88
Carbon (Permille) -28
Carbon Concentration (%) 68.35 %
Hydrogen Concentration (%) 2.90 %
Nitrogen Concentration (%) 7.46 %
Oxygen Concentration (%) 19.91 %

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